Sunday, January 29, 2012

Current Progress and Foundationless Frame Construction

UPDATED 02/07/2012

Since the original post I have discussed foundationless frame construction with Michael Bush and given the rather poor quality of the previous video on the subject I made a new video with my trusty camera woman Samantha. Since this video is a better quality and I have changed the final steps of the frame construction I am replacing the previous video and step by step photo guide with a single  video of the process.

I am currently in the process of going back and retrofitting all of my previous created frames (the ones with the popsicle sticks in the middle instead of all the way across) but I already have enough to be ready for my bees when they come at the end of March.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Starting out

Ah the first post! Please bare with me over the next few weeks while I preform tweaks here and there to get this blog up and running. First things first, I received my order from HTK Bee Supply two days ago and last night I went over all the things that it contained in my first of (hopefully) many videos recording my actions as a beekeeper.

Anyway here was a list of what I ordered to start out:
6 Unassembled Medium Hive Bodies
60 Unassembled Grooved Top/Bottom Frames
2 Telescoping Covers
2 Inner Covers
2 Screened Bottom Boards

BONUS: My order came with a free entrance reducer which I really thought was swell.

Notice the lack of foundation. I have decided to go with foundationless as that while not every source agrees that natural/small cell will reduce (if not eliminate varroa), just about every one of them say that bees draw comb on foundationless faster than either type of foundation. Also natural comb lets them build what they want whereas foundation generally tries to make them build only worker bees. I will be using popsicle sticks for comb guides. They would have been in my video but I left them in the car.

BTW: My bees are currently on order so I have until late march to finish all this and get the rest of my equipment.